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Are you a producer?

For producers: We buy their products and sell them through our channels to the world biggest importers and buyers. Therefore, we play a key role in the marketing of their products, to make their expertise known in the foreign market and to put their excellences on the tables all over the world.

Are you an importer?

For the buyer:  As well as taking care of transport and groupage of products,  our added value consists of being able to provide our customers/importers with the best  made-in-Italy excellences through an accurate product scouting and, therefore, offer them the best products with excellent value for money.

Do you want consolidated your import?

Thanks to our ten-year experience gained in temperature-controlled shipments, buying our products you will be able to consolidate goods which always travel at the same temperature only in one single delivery, thus saving time and money. Just imagine going shopping among our made-in-Italy products, putting them in a shopping cart and, with a single guaranteed delivery (groupage),  receive what you wish on the other side of the world. In addition to exporting made-in-Italy excellences all over the world, our mission is to be for our foreign importers and buyers a reliable reference partner capable of offering them   services ranging from product scouting,  assembling  up to shipment to port/airport of destination.

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