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About Us

The company was established in 2019 by partners and investors with long-term experience in transportation and in logistic management of food deliveries all over the world.
We are proud to offer a complete service to meet all our customers’ requirements.
We offer the best solution for foreign distributors who want to take the best Italian foods from producers to consumers in the shortest time.


Italian Trade Four Seasons is


Italian Trade

Four Seasons

Product buying channels and the marketing organization of Italian Trade Four Seasons allow flexible and creative sales. We constantly make a scouting of the greatest Italian companies and we find selling systems which are suitable for each company’s specificity. We design new brands and create packaging solutions to meet every requirement.
We are able to arrange for the local storage of an amount of products sufficient to meet the requirements of distributors in any country and in the shortest time.
Italian Trade Four Seasons markets and shipments different brands and private labels coming from producers of all Italian Regions to the international Food market with the guarantee of a prompt delivery. For this reason we select the best companies, we address them to the most suitable systems according to their productive characteristics, we request prompt deliveries and we ensure immediate payments. We are mainly interested in companies which use traditional production techniques. As they usually consist of medium-small realities, very often these companies are not organized for export. For this reason, Italian Trade Four Seasons products are true rarities: excellences still realised with traditional methods and with a unique taste.


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Picked only at peak season

Our mission is to deal with and trade exclusively seasonal produce. Picked from the fields during their peak seasons, when organoleptic properties are unaltered and colors, flavors and fragrances allow us to offer 100% excellent products. Ranging from truffles, fruit and vegetables, the choice of productsfreshly picked at peak season, when they are perfectly ripe and consistent, bursting with flavor, also ensures greatest availability of nutrients.


In the growing 21st century markets, gourmet foods are becoming increasingly successful and Italian products are surely among the protagonists of this evolution.

Foods exported by Italian Trade Four Seasons always meet the strictest standards of quality control

All our suppliers are certified

Italian Trade Four Seasons has experience and company structure able to offer savings on costs, services and quality of products requested by our distributors and their consumers

We anticipate the trends of the food market

We activate the most suitable marketing channels depending on the prodution capacity of the company and we always focus on the product appreciation

Our global network of distributors is increasingly growing

We are experts in international deliveries of perishable goods from -20° to +25°

We transport in a few hours daily fresh products from freshly hunted truffle to freshly made buffalo mozzarella

We constantly monitor the cool chain during our deliveries

We have partnerships with the best shipping agents and airline/maritime companies

On demand, we provide certified passive packagings to keep products’ physical and organoleptic properties unaltered during shipment.

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