We are specialized in sales and export to foreign markets of Italian fine excellences with original brand or private label. We guarantee reliable and safe transportation.


Product Excellence

We offer the best solution for foreign distributors who want to take the best Italian foods from producers to consumers in the shortest time.


Transport Care

We reduce the distance between Italian excellence producers and foreign distributors.


Tailor Made Service

We constantly make a scouting of the greatest Italian companies and we find selling systems which are suitable for each company’s specificity.

Finest Italian Food

With our constant search of the rarest Italian specialties we want to let anybody, in any part of the world, experience the same kind of ecstasy.

Our Products


Are you a producer?

We buy your products and sell them through our channels to the world biggest importers and buyers.

Are you an importer?

Our added value consists of being able to provide our customers/importers with the best made-in-Italy excellences through an accurate product scouting.

Do you want consolidated your import?

Our mission is to be for our foreign importers and buyers a reliable reference partner capable of offering them services ranging from product scouting, assembling up to shipment to port/airport of destination.

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